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Dylan's Detailing was founded in August 2015 as a result of a passion for cars and perfectionism. Dylan has worked on all types of cars, and provided a wide range of services ranging from simple car washes to full blown paint corrections and coatings. He primarily uses Adam's Polishes products.


Dylan provides everything from car washes, to interior cleaning to full paint corrections. Check out what he does below.

Three Bucket Wash

Three bucket car wash is performed to ensure the car is not scratched in the process whatsoever.

Interior Cleaning

Carpets, seats, windows, and interior surfaces are all thoroughly cleaned to give that new car feel.

Paint Correction

Two or three stage correction depending on your car's needs. Usually takes several days to complete.

Sealants / Coatings

Once decontaminated and / or corrected, the car is topped with a sealant or an ultra-protective coating.

Like The Day You Bought It

Dylan prides himself on getting the job done right and making his clients happy. He wants you to drive away in your freshly detailed car with a huge smile knowing you got your money's worth. Nothing's like rolling down the block in a clean car that's turning heads.

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